Retreat Launches 2011 for PPP

The verdict is in and Professional Pavement Products managers say they are poised to lead the company to new levels of efficiency and service in 2011. Inspired by the enthusiasm and expertise of President Greg Driskell, managers left the December managers' retreat feeling well prepared for the future.

PPP 2011 Manager's Retreat

“We plan to continue building a lean organization that's efficient,” said Josh Miller, Texas regional distribution center general manager.

“The term managers' retreat is a bit of a misnomer, it was more of a continuous, non-stop boot camp.” - Josh Miller

The agenda included a review of crucial management skills, hands-on training with PPP products, field trips to product manufacturing plants and sites where the products are currently in use.

Training on applying preformed thermoplastic (left), and the LNX8 Pavement Grinder (right)

Hands on training with some of PPP's over 650 products including preformed thermoplastic (left) and the LNX8 pavement grinder (right)

One product examined was ZoomFlex, a high quality sealer additive that is part of PPP's Medallion Label Black Series product line. “We visited a site where the product was applied 18 months ago and it still looks great.,” said Gabe Leavitt, branch manager in Orlando and PPP training director. “It's good to experience firsthand how products are created and used.”

Managers tour of GemSeal manufacturing plant
Managers tour of GemSeal manufacturing plant

For PPP newcomer John Milton the tour of the GemSeal plant was “eye-opening.”

“It really helps to go behind the scenes,” said Milton, Jacksonville branch relationship manager.

People skills are critical for PPP managers and nurturing such skills was a high priority of the retreat.

“We discussed predictive rather than reactive management. Figuring out why something went wrong gives us more time to sell and grow the company,” said Leavitt.

The 12 managers who shared the retreat benefited in other ways from the experience. “It allowed us to bond together,” said Milton. "It helps to hear everyone's view and see how the company operates.”

“The biggest benefit is that everyone sees themselves as part of a family, a community where we count on each other,”
- Gabe Leavitt

The goal for 2011 is to extend that partnership to PPP customers.“Our goal is to build our business by helping other businesses build theirs.” said Miller.

Professional Pavement Products is a leading provider of maintenance and construction products for the improvement of safety and effectiveness of our roadways and parking areas. The 14-year-old company provides 700 products through six outlets in the southeast and Texas.

Driskell has spent nearly 20 years in the pavement industry as both contractor in the early days and supplier for the last 16 years. He owns other pavement industry related business management companies.


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