PPP Employees Tour New Weissker Glass Bead Manufacturing Plant

Professional Pavement Products guards its reputation for quality products that enable you to provide top notch service to your customers. In its constant pursuit of that goal, PPP's Greg Driskell and Josh Miller recently traveled to a Weissker Manufacturing plant in rural Texas.

Glass BeadWeissker produces retro-reflecting glass beads of all specs and sizes for use with road marking materials. The company, which sells into several overseas markets, is investing heavily in the U.S. market. Professional Pavement Products began providing Weissker glass beads last year, but seeing the care and investment with which they are produced inspired new respect for its quality.

“The 70,000 square foot Weissker plant was very impressive from its vast manufacturing and warehousing space to its high-tech processing and equipment,” said Driskell. “This was a rare opportunity to see the details of such a state-of-the-art process.&rdquo Driskell is president of Professional Pavement Products and Miller is the Texas regional distribution center manager.

Weissker Beads (left) made from the purest recycled glass
Weissker Beads (left) made from the purest recycled glass unlike the competitors (right)

According to Tony Wade , Weissker's U.S. operations and national sales manager, the company provides the clearest, cleanest product possible. Weissker is meticulous in their selection of the purest recycled glass. For the larger beads they use virgin glass to produce the clearest reflectivity possible. “A simple visual comparison with our competitors' products validates the difference clean and clear make,” he said.

“When I show customers the Weissker product, they are impressed by its cleanliness and clarity,” said PPP's Miller. “It provides better, unobstructed reflectivity.” He described the plant as “impressive” and “mind-boggling”. “It's clear to us that Weissker is serious about both the quality of product and providing that quality to the US market.”

“Knowing these in-depth details of manufacturing processes help us to better represent our vendors' products.”

Weissker Bead Sample Packet designed by PPP's marketing team

PPP Marketing piece for Weissker

Comprehensive tours such as these are standard operating procedure for Professional Pavement Products. Vendors benefit from the publicity they receive and the affirmation from PPP that a product meets its high quality standards. “Knowing these in-depth details of manufacturing processes help us to better represent our vendors' products. We greatly respect the proprietary processes of our vendors and the trust they put in us,” said Driskell.

PPP provides the exclusive sales, marketing and distribution of Weissker's less than truckload sales nationwide. It is also the distributor of truckload quantities for a 12 state territory. The relationship with Weissker has been enhanced in this process. “We rely on the PPPs to get our message out to the stripers,” said Wade.


“From the beginning we felt that combining PPP's position in and knowledge of the industry, our expertise and resources in sales, marketing and distribution with Weissker's quality and expertise in glass bead manufacturing would provide good opportunities for us, them and the entire U.S. pavement marking industry,” said Driskell.

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Professional Pavement Products is a leading provider of maintenance and construction products for the improvement of safety and effectiveness of our roadways and parking areas. The 14-year-old company provides 700 products through six outlets in the southeast and Texas.

Driskell has spent nearly 20 years in the pavement industry as both contractor in the early days and supplier for the last 16 years. He owns other pavement industry related business management companies.


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